Those who have heard about numerology and wondered what it’s all about can learn more about the universal language of numbers. The basic concept is that numerology breaks down patterns of the universe into numbers. This allows people to find information about the world or about themselves as individuals. Here is additional information that will help shed more light on the topic.

What Kind of Answers Can I Find?

The self-help tool of numerology can reveal a lot about a person’s character and their life as a whole. It isn’t necessarily a way to predict the future, but the numerology cycles indicate opportunities as well as challenges. Also, there are indications of joy and pain that will take place throughout specific periods of a person’s life. The way a person handles the situations at the time is still up to them.

Is Numerology a Type of Math?

Numerology is the science of numbers; however, it really only involves basic mathematics. It is more about the characteristics of each number, and how each number traits alter what is going on in a person’s life. It just depends on where they appear in personal numerology if they even appear at all.

What Does a Birthday Have to Do with Numerology?

A person’s personal numerology chart is based on two primary things. First, their date of birth and then the name they were given at birth. It does consider the name used today. Based on numerology, the name a person was given at birth is their perfect name, the name they were really meant to have.

Does Numerology Have Anything to do with Romantic Capability?

Once a person has determined their life path numbers they have a better idea of their life, thoughts, communication patterns and such. Then, when comparing and contrasting the styles to each life path number, some numbers do work well together, while others don’t at all. This can be useful when finding someone compatible.

Many people use the numbers they receive through numerology to help them with different aspects in life. These include health, career, business, and love. Those who are interested in learning more and finding out how to go about using a numerology calculator can visit The process doesn’t have to be complicated, as the information here will help break it down even more.